Genius ways to save money on travel

Starting a year with different travel plans is one of the best things you need to do. We often hear people complaining as they travel around the world is one of the things they like most, but it's too expensive. Given that day-to-day spending proves to be a huge burden, this is not a surprise. […]

Pet Friendly Hotels in New York City

If you are like many people, you cannot understand the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčleaving a rare four-legged fur ball when traveling to New York, which means that you will need to find a New York pet-friendly hotel to make a trip. More and more passengers say "no" when they come on board their pets when they […]

History of Lagos

Lagos is a modern port city in Niger. Lagos is one of the most populous cities in the world. According to growth patterns around the world and in the city, it is said that the city is growing at a very fast pace. In order to project the numerical value to a very precise level, […]

Iconic skyscrapers in Toronto

Toronto has one of the most famous panoramas in the world. From the larger than life CN Tower to the crescent-shaped Rogers Center, the stunning Toronto skyline comes in all shapes and sizes. The history of Toronto's iconic skyline began in the financial district, with some of Canada's tallest skyscrapers. Hop on a cheap flight […]

The most problematic airport

The magazine "Forbes" published an evaluation of international airports causing the worst problems associated with their flights. The blacklist of the publication included both third-country airports and transport centers in many of the world's metropolises. The main selection criterion was the flight delay based on 2007 data for transport centers with a lifting capacity of […]

Cheap breaks

Whether it's sun, beach, skiing, fun, romance or a break with children, there is a cheap break for everyone. Let your imagination run wild and see what catches your eye. In these difficult financial times, we are all looking for an agreement, whether it's in our local supermarket, buying a car, or booking a vacation. […]