Last Minute Travel – Yes or Nay?


Over the last two weeks, we have called several clients and asked for last-minute holidays in the Caribbean resorts for the next week or two, provided they get great deals. Why? Because they heard about them on TV

Did they get great deals? Definitely not. In fact, two of them ended up booking the resorts to which they could go. Although we had no trouble finding hotel rooms, the last minute failed, their vacation was inadmissible. Of the few flights we found that all the seats were left, the air price alone ranged from $ 1,200 to $ 1,500 for two tickets to Jamaica, Mexico or California. This was the budget that every client has in mind throughout their vacation.

Meanwhile, a client who booked a four-night holiday in Cancun at a four-star All Inclusive hotel in April paid $ 1185 for two people, including air and transfers from Newark Airport. Why? Because she booked early. Another example? Four months ago I booked my four-day vacation from Long Island to Vegas for the week of September 28th. Direct flights from Long Island with four nights in Paris and return flights. Price? $ 993 for two people. (This is a normal price, not a travel agent's rate – another misleading is that travel agencies always get discounted travel). The same holiday today is $ 1106.

We get daily announcements from suppliers about what they consider to be the last minute of travel, which is actually three to four months down the road. In July we received reduced travel prices from several sailing cruise lines in October. Here's an example of what we got at discounted prices today:

Mexican Riviera

26 September;
3, 10, 17, 24, 31;
7, 14, 21, 28;
Prices start at $ 399 * $ 499 * $ 649 *

Look at the data? The earliest date for selling prices is 26 September.

We checked last minute prices for a cruise from New York to Bermuda seven days two weeks before the scheduled departure of the ship. Very few cabins were left and the inner cabin was $ 1779 per person. If the client had looked six months ago, the same cabin would have traveled about $ 800 per person from NY (the most expensive cruise time) in the summer.

Do not believe everyone who at the last minute allows hype. Last minute means in many cases one, two, three or four months in advance. By waiting for a week or two before you want to travel, you are dealing with aircraft that are almost full, as most airlines have reduced the number of flights to avoid aircraft that do not have capacity. Of the few places you can find, the price is two to three times higher than what you would have paid when booking a flight three to six months in advance.

Book early for the best prices . Our agency always checks prices several times before travel and if we find a better price from the supplier, we will always try to get that price for you. But nowadays, it is rare to book early, except for some cruises, when prices drop.

Buy travel insurance with cancellation for any reason . Several travel insurance companies canceled the insurance available for any reason. If something happens to your job or your economy worsens, you can cancel your vacation and get your money back. It is worthwhile to take a look at this type of insurance if you are worried about changing the economy after booking a vacation. This type of insurance is more expensive than insurance that covers sickness, but for some it is worth extra money.

This June, when the outbreak of swine flu resulted in people who had been booked in Mexican resorts to cancel their vacation or register in other areas, those who had canceled insurance for whatever reason could not register again without having to register fear penalties – fines were returned from their travel insurance. Those who opted for sickness insurance were not so happy. If they were not sick enough before the holiday to cancel the trip for covered reasons, they risked having to travel or lose their money.

To sum up – book early, buy travel insurance to protect your investment, and call an experienced travel agent to make your vacation as safe as possible.