Green spaces of Ragusa


A city like Ragusa can offer its visitors a lot. The first thing that comes to your mind when people talk about a Sicilian city is probably the sea. Sicily is an island and is surrounded by the sea, or rather the sea. Wherever you go on the coast of Sicily, you can be sure that you will find a beautiful sea where you can dive and relax. And the province of Ragusa makes no exception, on the contrary: last year Marina di Ragusa was awarded the best Italian beach.

What else can you think of when you think about this beautiful Italian region? Maybe his sights: cities like Palermo and Catania are famous all over the world for their sights and buildings, but in all Sicilian cities there are treasures to discover and interesting places to visit. In Ragusa, for illustration only, there are many monuments that are part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. What about food? There are so many typical products and dishes in Sicily that you can taste that you will lose weight after spending a holiday in the area! Again, Ragusa is an excellent example in this sense: many of the typical products you can taste in the city are protected by the European Union, and Ragusa is also one of the top 30 Italian cities in the list of high-quality food and wine. Some of the region's special products, such as honey and Modica chocolate, are known worldwide.

Sea, art and food … what else? Nature of course! In Sicily the landscapes are great and there are many parks and natural areas that will surely satisfy all who love nature. On the island of Ragusa there are many green areas where you can wander, discover new species of plants and animals or simply relax, and thanks to these areas will appreciate the tourists and visitors of Sicily and especially Ragusa. Among the green areas you can enjoy in and around Ragusa, do not miss the "Giardino Ibleo" (Hyblean Garden), Macchia Forest Nature Irminio River and Calaforno Forest Park. Let's start with Hyblean Garden, which is one of the four main gardens of Ragusa. You can enter it on the palm-lined path, and inside you will also find a memorial dedicated to the dead of World War I, the church of San Vincenzo Ferrere, the church of San Giacomo and the church of the Capuchins. Ragusa Ibla's archaeological excavations are also close to the garden overlooking the Irminio Valley. Macchia Forest of Irminio River was established in 1985 around the mouth of the Irminio River and overlooks the Mediterranean Sea. It includes both sandy shores and cliffs and is home to many species of animals and plants. Last but not least, it is the Calaforno forest park, an area of ​​hills that is deteriorating towards the sea and which has undergone afforestation that has turned the rock and dried area into green.