Techno-Stay – Three of the most geek friendly hotels in the United States

The days when simply accessing WiFi in the lobby was the latest in state-of-the-art technology are over. Long gone. Today, many hotels in the United States are devoting themselves to increasingly bold eradication attempts: from free Wii consoles to robotic lobby displays and even rooms that double as complete video editing kits.

So heavily techno-driven are the few hotels listed below that if you don't have IT titles under your belt, you might even try to get into the room. If you want your stay to come with a technological twist, then you will enjoy this best round geek-friendly hotels in the United States

Hotel @ MIT, Boston

The Boston Hotel @ MIT is not so much a place to remain a tribute to technology. Once you cross the threshold and meet the robots from the MIT Artificial Intelligence Lab, you know you're in the geek of heaven. The theme continues in the form of equations on bedding and cartoon chemistry (no, really) decorate the walls of the bathrooms.

Apparently, the devices offered continue to resemble a similar vein in the rooms: there is a relatively handy digital safe to store all the expensive hardware you have brought with you; Of course, there is Wi-Fi throughout the network, but it's a lightning fast T1 line and the fact that all rooms are connected to a laser printer on the network that really stands out.

Tribeca Grand, NY

On its surface, the Tribeca Grand is leaking NYC's okay. But it will not fool anyone: it is a full techno-gibberish geek in the heart. Why? It has iStudio – a suite of image, video and audio editing software, and every other amazing innovation that good Apple people can come up with – for the good! Employees, fresh from the mandatory online communication levels of all accounts, can even send instant messages. So it's square.

Gaansevoort, NY

The New York trendetter The Gaansevoort ranks among the best geek-friendly hotels in the United States as it was the first hotel to offer its guests free use of the Nintendo Wii in their rooms. A lot of other people may have gone on a bandwagon since then, but it was The Gansevoort who got there first! And technological innovations don't stop with game consoles: the penthouse also comes with its own MacBook and iPod charger. Nice.