The high price of cheap knock-offs

Just three miles from the headquarters of the Federal Trade Commission in Washington, DC is the heart of Georgetown, home to many of the capital's boutiques. In the streets of Georgetown, you'll see the latest fashions from Kate Spade® handbags and Rolex® watches, Washington Redskins® caps and Hermès® scarf to new Nike® Jordan LX2 ™ […]

Green spaces of Ragusa

A city like Ragusa can offer its visitors a lot. The first thing that comes to your mind when people talk about a Sicilian city is probably the sea. Sicily is an island and is surrounded by the sea, or rather the sea. Wherever you go on the coast of Sicily, you can be sure […]

Las Damas Apartments in Benidorm

Las Damas Apartments are cozy two key self-catering apartments, one block from the beach on Playa Levante Beach on Avenida Madrid in Benidorm. The historic center and the resort center are a 15-minute walk away. The nearest golf course is 5 km from Las Damas Apartments. The complex consists of one hundred and twenty apartments […]

Last Minute Travel – Yes or Nay?

Over the last two weeks, we have called several clients and asked for last-minute holidays in the Caribbean resorts for the next week or two, provided they get great deals. Why? Because they heard about them on TV Did they get great deals? Definitely not. In fact, two of them ended up booking the resorts […]

Excitement Honeymoon – Cheap Deals

Wedding expenses are not a joke! Trial dinners, bridesmaids and gifts, tuxedo rental for the bride, flowers, invitations, decorations, reception rental, limousine rental, diamond ring, wedding dress, reception, entertainment and more are under way. And of course you want to enjoy your honeymoon, where it's just you two, together. You want to relax and get […]

Traveling around the world – more for less

Traveling around the world is an amazing way to see the world, and along the way to save the bond. Many of my friends have embarked on these trips with great success (including myself), and anyone who has traveled around the world has said that this is not just an economic way to see places […]


Who likes to spend their holidays? This would of course involve approximately 99 percent of the population. 1 percent would be more than likely workaholics who just don't like working with them on vacation. And no matter who you are, you probably want to get that travel offer. Travel offers can be based on actual […]