What to do when doing Forex analysis

In a basic Forex analysis, you are basically evaluating either a company, a stock market or a country for Forex. If you find it difficult to value a company, try to value an entire country. It may be difficult to do, but there are indicators that can be studied to provide insight into how the country works. A few indicators that you may need to investigate during Forex analysis are: non-farm payroll, consumer price index (CPI), purchasing management index (PMI), durable goods and retail sales.

In the Forex market, most traders use basic Forex analysis to predict long-term trends. But some traders act in the short term based on the reaction of various news releases. There are a number of different meetings where you can get comments and it can affect the markets just as much as any news release or indicator report. All of these meetings are often discussed about interest rates, inflation and other issues that will affect currency values.

You need to keep an eye on two important meetings, these are the Humphrey Hawkins hearings and the Federal Open Market Committee. For example, the Federal Reserve comments on the chairman's comments on interest rates, it will cause market volatility.

By reading the reports and examining the comment, a basic Forex analyst can gain a better understanding of most long-term Forex market trends. By following developments in the Forex market, short-term traders will be able to take advantage of extraordinary events. If you decide to follow a basic Forex strategy, you will always have a financial calendar at hand. Your Forex broker may also provide you with real-time access to this type of information for use in your Forex analysis.

5 Ways Blockchain Will Transform the Life of an Ordinary Man

With all the media set on fire with news of prices on cryptocurrencies, you may be wondering how it affects an ordinary man. Right in the heart of cryptocurrency and other digital currencies is Blockchain technology.

There are various industrial and administrative problems that technology can solve for the common man. Do you own a small business but often feel that transparency is lacking due to traditional communication methods? Have you ever ended up with higher than usual medical bills? Is it a hassle for you to find legitimate candidates as a business owner? These issues affect entrepreneurs, start-ups, small businesses, individuals and Blockchain technology looking to provide solutions that make an ordinary person's life much simpler through simplified solutions.


Banking in almost every country is still very much focused on paper-intensive transactions for any money transfer, registration and other backend functions. Blockchain technology can repeat this in a digital format, creating a decentralized ledger that not only gives bankers but also customers access to a single source of information. This system allows banks to eliminate the chances of fraud, as documentation and proof of asset ownership can be digitally controlled by bankers in the Blockchain ledger, which can be accessed at any time in an immutable format.

Identity theft is also a major problem in the banking sector with citizens & # 39; information is stolen and used to open fake accounts for illegal activities. According to the Federal Trade Commission & # 39; s online database of complaints there have been over 13 million complaints filed for card fraud and identity theft, with 3 million of these complaints being filed in 2016 alone. Through a blockchain system, customers can directly view all accounts owned under their name and immediately notify their respective banks if they discover any suspicious activity in their banking information. Some of the known examples include IBM-supported Hyperledger Fabric project and Utility Settlement Coin by UBS.


Blockchain technology can simplify healthcare in incredible ways and make medical data management much simpler. Making patient records widely available can allow research into drug development much more practically, and it also reduces the consequences of counterfeit drugs. Clinical trials and their results can be made available in a decentralized network that enables health professionals and researchers to conduct research and find solutions for better health care. Accenture is one of the largest companies to start offering innovative healthcare services to the medical sector for secure and fraud-free transactions.

Medicare fraud can also be brought down through blockchain billing management, as the billing system can be fully automated without the scope of intermediaries committing fraudulent activities. With over 56 million people under Medicare in 2017, over $ 1.3 billion has been spent by the government through fraudulent activities from rehabilitation facilities and home health services. Blockchain systems can effectively protect citizens seeking medical care from healthcare providers who overcharge for services offered through fake billing methods. The centralized data not only helps medical professionals offer treatment based on the patient and his / her family history, but they also eliminate the chances of a patient incorrectly remembering previous symptoms or disorders.

Public records

One of the most important civil administration functions for a government is to record all information about its citizens. This includes information about individuals and companies regarding their assets and activities. Most of the recorded information is recorded in paper databases, making data management extremely difficult even in developed countries.

Blockchain-based systems like Ubitiquity can encode all public records in a digital ledger to prevent citizen data from being changed for fraudulent activities. Identity theft is a problem that can be very difficult to handle for the administration and digitization of all public information to make it tamper-proof can help prevent such cases of criminal activity.


One of the biggest constraints of the voting system in almost any country is that even today, voters have to be physically present in polling stations to cast their votes and can make it difficult for people in need of travel on election days . More importantly, there is no means to verify the voting results of the average citizen.

Blockchain development companies like Followmyvote come up with solutions that seek to make online voting a reality. It will allow citizens to see accurate information about the polling results and results and various other statistics publicly. It also leads to a more secure vote for citizens of countries in internal or external conflict, and criminal activities to force citizens to vote for certain candidates can be completely avoided.

business Rental

Companies of all sizes find it difficult to find the right staff. Through blockchain technology, companies are able to verify credentials for all applicants through a digital database. Blockchain technology can be used to create a decentralized database of verified qualifications professionals in a secure ledger that companies can refer to to hire candidates. The Learning Machine is a New York-based company that seeks to address this issue that focuses on registering verifiable information about workers.

Tax or employment-related fraud makes up 34% of all identity theft from 2016, and a blockchain system makes the hiring process much safer for any company, as a company only has access to valid candidates, reducing the risk of hiring fraudulent employees. It also helps applicants by speeding up the hiring process and helping them find jobs they are eligible for and have a hassle-free application process.

Using blockchain technologies helps both individuals and businesses, and it also protects personal information while important data becomes publicly visible. While the blockchain has the best application in cryptocurrency, its use can spread to other sectors to also provide meaningful solutions to citizens worldwide.

Pros and Cons of Flying Budget Airlines

Pros Flying Budget Airlines

Usually you get good prices. As already mentioned, most cheap airlines have cheap flights but offer very few benefits to passengers. It's an easy way to save money. If your goal is to get cheaply from point a to point b, you shouldn't have a problem with flying to cheap airlines. How much money you save depends on the airline, travel date and destination. On average, most passengers save at least $ 100 per flight budget instead of the familiar.

You have a choice of several airlines. For the most part, airlines in the United States were a well-kept secret. Most airline passengers were familiar with major carriers such as American Airlines and Delta. Only after the plane soared did passengers begin to explore their possibilities more. Most of them were pleased to find that not only were there airlines, but enough of them to choose from. There are only a few options in the United States: Southwest, Spirit, Virgin American, JetBlue and Horizon Air. With a number of cheap airlines you can choose, you have a good chance to save money.

Cons Flying Budget Airlines

There are little or no benefits. When most of us think about the benefits, we think of movies, drinks and snacks during the flight. Sometimes some airlines sometimes give up these supplements, but there are more. Some cheap airlines allow you to make reservations, but you do not choose a seat until you reach the airport or board an airplane. It's okay for most travelers, but it can be risky if you're traveling as a family. Because airlines focus on cheap travel, many give up completely excellence. If you want to have your benefits, it may be best to avoid flying airlines.

You will never get the best deals. For example, JetBlue was mentioned above as a good airline. If you're looking for a flight between Syracuse, New York and Orlando, Florida, a large $ 114 amount will appear on the screen (at the time of this article). You think great when Northwest Airlines quoted you $ 156 for the same flight. It is until you see $ 114 is not for a return flight, even though you have chosen a return flight from the options. You need to scroll down and select a return flight that also has a $ 114 price tag. This "budget" airline is now more expensive by $ 72.

Some cheap airlines will load you with fees. Southwest Airlines is a well-known airline. Their website and ads say "what you see is what you get". This means that the price you see is actually the price you pay. Not all airlines are like this. Many have hidden fees and taxes that you may not see until you are ready to pay for the flight. Always read the fine print of an inexpensive airline. After you do so, you can see that their bids aren't that good after all.

You have a limited number of airports to choose from. As already mentioned, there are many cheap airlines in the United States. Unfortunately, they serve a limited number of airports. The reason why cheap airlines are able to offer discounted flights is because they choose their destinations wisely. They know where travelers want and when. Unfortunately, if you want to travel to Kansas, it will be difficult to find a budget airline providing a state airport. On the other hand, if you want to travel to Florida, your options are virtually limitless.

As you can see, flying airlines have their pros and cons. If you decide to try these airlines, compare prices to make sure you get the best deal, plan your travel plans in advance and arrive at the airport in time.

Profitable Forex Trading System – 100 Percent Win Rate With Only 10 Pips A Day?


So you have had it confusing trading indicators and trying to make sense of the various news releases and what they all mean. Suddenly you get hit by a brain wave: "If I just take 10 pips out of the market every day and keep up a 100% gain rate, then it's easy to make money in Forex!" It all sounds very theoretical and straightforward, but is such a system actually viable? Unfortunately, it's not that simple, but by the end of this article you know how to really make money in Forex.

The problem with such a simple trading system

It is a common myth in Forex that you need a high winning rate to earn a lasting income for Forex trading. Forex robot marketers are very good at playing on the fantasy of a high winning percentage system and often advertise 90% or even 95% winning prices in their promotional material. The truth is that you do not have to have a high profit rate to make money in Forex in the long run. In fact, the more profitable Forex trading systems tend to win only 40-60%.

Another characteristic of profitable Forex trading systems is that they tend to have much greater gains than losses. This is how they represent a lower winning percentage. There really is no point in trading for small profits because you need as much profit as possible to pay for the inevitable losses you will encounter. If you limit your profits to 10 pips a day, you will sooner or later encounter a 50 pip or even 100 pip that loses the day, and you will wipe out weeks of profits just like that.

How To Really Make Money In Forex

Of course, there is no such thing as a Forex robot without loss, so forget about 100% wins and 10 pips a day. It is a formula for failure and disappointment in your trade. If you are not doing well in your trade and you lack a proven, profitable Forex trading system to earn a consistent Forex trading income for you, the best thing to do is to take advantage of someone else's & # 39; s experience in the markets. This means identifying a profitable system through research and due diligence. It takes time to find one, but it's worth it.

The key to making money in Forex is to have a proven, profitable Forex trading system and apply a solid money management strategy to create a lasting Forex trading income. So don't waste your time chasing impossibly high winning rates or low pip profits, because your time is much better spent trading a proven, profitable system.

Forex open position

So now you pulled the trigger and opened a position and now you are in the forex market. Time to sit back and let the market do its thing, right? No way. The Forex market is not a part of the dice where you place your bet and watch the dice tumble and simply take the results.

It is an energetic, fast-moving arena where new facts and price movements create new prospects and change past expectations.

We hope that you will take our recommendations on always trading with a plan – identifying in advance where to enter and where to leave each trade, both on a stop-loss and take-profit basis. Bottom line: You improve your overall chances of trading success (and minimize the risks involved) by systematically planning each trade before getting caught up in the sentiment and hype of the market.

Depending on the trading style you follow (short term versus medium to long term) and overall market reach or trending, you either have more or less to do when managing an open position. If you follow a medium to longer-term strategy, with generally greater stop-loss and take-profit limits, you may prefer to go with the "set it and forget it" trading plan you have developed. But a lot can happen between the time you open a trade and prices that hit one of your trading levels, so staying in the top of the market is always a good idea, even for long-term trades.

Whatever trading style you may follow, it will always pay off to keep up with market news and price trends while your trade is open. Unexpected news can affect your position at any time. News is news; and you couldn't have planned it in terms of your trading plan, but any news may require you to make changes to your trading plan at any time.

When we talk about making changes to the trading plan, we are only referring to reducing the overall risk of the trade, by making a profit (in whole or in part) or moving stop losses towards the trade. The idea is only to be fluid and dynamic in one direction: to take profits and reduce risk. Keep your original stop-out point where you decided it should go before entering the trade.

Here's how to trade ETF funds from gold, silver, oil and natural gas

Commodities and stocks have been on fire for the past two weeks and I think it might just be time for things to take a breather. While I continue to stay long, it is a safe bet to take some money off the table to lock in the profits. Just from a quick glance at the charts we can tell that the odds point to some kind of break or withdrawal in the coming days. I reckon any day now that we could see some profit.

Gold ETF Trading – GLD
Gold ETF is one of my favorite trading vehicles. Using simple trend lines and looking at the recent price action, you can see that the gold price looks ready for a withdrawal. Buying at this level is chasing, and that generally means you buy in high and panic out at the low.

Silver ETF Trading – SLV
The Silver ETF appears to be in the same boat as gold. I expect to see some sideways pricing measures or a withdrawal.

ETF trading in natural gas – UNG
The Natural Gas ETF has certainly given everyone a wild ride for the last 6 months. The bear market is still in place, which can be seen on the daily chart. So far this week, the price has collapsed and traded at the $ 11 support level. This fund could generate a buy or sell signal with my trading model in the coming days, so I wait for a clear entry and exit point before jumping on the gas wagon.

ETF trading in crude oil – USO
Crude oil ETF has broken above its resistance trend line this week, but is still struggling to move above the August high. Volume decreases while price rises, which is a bearish indicator. The USO looks ready for some sort of withdrawal as it digests this outbreak before going higher.

Mid-week GLD, SLV, UNG, USO ETF Trading Report
What does the public hear and think about the stock market?
From the latest emails, local economic news, family, friends etc … all I hear is how strong the market is. Indexes are rising to new annual highs, and company earnings are better than expected this quarter. Sounds like all we have to do is buy and life will be great!

In my opinion, the market is the perfect tool to mislead and frustrate the public. All my indicators tell me that we need more correction before we gather much higher. The market (smart money) generally expects good and bad news several weeks, if not a month in advance. So the question is:

Is the company's earnings already priced in the market? Does all this positive market coverage cause the public to buy up here at this possible market break?

The answer is, only time will tell. No one knows for sure what the market will do, but short-term features can be predicted with relatively high accuracy. Don't get me wrong, I'm still bullish on the market, but with all this good news becoming public information, you have to wonder what's next. I’m still in the market for a long time, but cropping up my positions to lock in profits and still stay in the game.

Trade currency through online Forex brokers

Currency access (forex), the most extensive market on the planet, is generally through a broker known as a forex broker. Similar to a stockbroker, these agents can also advise on forex trading strategies. This advice for clients is often extended to technical analysis and research methods designed to improve client forex trading performance.

Financial institutions are generally the most influential in the foreign exchange market through large volumes, high value currency transactions. Historically, banks had monopolistic access to the forex markets, but via the Internet, any forex speculator can also enjoy 24 hours of access to the market through a forex broker.

Secure Internet connections today allow many forex traders to work from home, with clear access to news and other technical advice informing decisions about which forex positions to take. Similar moves are being made by stockbrokers who also move out of banks and other traditional institutions.

Your needs in the market will affect your choice of forex broker. Online forex brokerages, known as houses, provide the new in the forex market with detailed research, advice and simulators to learn how to use their forex trading tools. The experienced online forex trader is catered for by other brokerage houses with in-depth advice, but less focus on forex trading instructions based on the assumption that you are familiar with the forex market. To make an informed choice, it is recommended to try several different online forex brokerage houses and their trading tools to find the one that best suits your needs.

110037: The best airport in the world

The place becomes famous in itself
The city gets its mark when it is known
Places are places because of their identity
They require nothing but their individuality

– Maxwell Fry

A famous British journalist once asked: Has India become great because of Gandhi or has Gandhi become great because of India? To paraphrase his question: Is Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi becoming significant because of PIN 110037 or is it the opposite?

The airport, which is also an airport in the capital of the country, has its independent meaning, which without peripheral allowances, such as PIN code, can be important (Pin Code). The IGIA in Delhi is independently so important that it needs nothing else to support or strengthen its enviable state. At least in this number, Pin Code 110037, has a back seat, although it can be said that Delhi-37 is known for the international airport.

Does the Windsor Palace in London need another landmark or ID stamp for its existence? Does Oxford University require a special identity for its presence? Does the White House need another landmark to emphasize its position? Howrah requires a separate PIN code or does it have to contact the apron strings in Kolkata (ooph, Kolkata!)? Separate places are sufficient to stand alone. The same is true of Delhi airport, for which 110037 is relegated to a mere number on the Delhi pin list.

Just for official formality, this PIN code exists, otherwise in 2007 there was a proposal to cancel 110037 as the PIN code of Delhi airport. This has not yet been done for reasons best known to officials and the current system.
IG is easily the best international airport in the country. Those who have gone abroad and seen JFK in New York, Tokyo International Airport, Heathrow (London), Getwick (London), Dubai International Airport, to name a few, will admit that IG is on par with top airports in all considerations.

Structural grandeur, vast set-up and stunning connectivity make India the best, if not the best, airport in the world. It is one of the best airports in the world and the very mention of Delhi-37 provokes great ideas about this superlative airport.

In addition, as the main airport, the Ministry of Aviation oversees that it is constantly improving and that its facilities should remain world-class. After all, the International Airport reflects the image of the country and must be the best of all international standards and parameters when located in the country's capital. And Delhi IG did it. Just think, when it was Palam Airport only a few decades ago, the village of Palam on the outskirts of Delhi was known for its airport.

Today it is still there, but the new arrival gave IG its own identity, which is freed from the outskirts of the village of Palam and vice versa.

These are rich examples of a city monument that grows and becomes famous firsthand without any other supporting crutches.

Today, IG stands on its own feet and though, PIN code-37 lends a helping hand, it is unnecessary on many occasions and counts.

The 7 Deadly Sons of a Forex Trader – And How to Avoid Them

Let's get straight to it. Chances are you made one (or more) of the following trade offenses.

1. Trade without stops and make a profit

-Many Forex Traders recommend using a mental stop loss. But how many of you actually follow that stop loss? When the price comes to it, are you closing out, or do you hope it will return in your favor?

Never trade without HARD stop loss.

2. Mastering Money Management

-Mostly every trader I have encountered trade with a much bigger stop loss than the target. I've learned (and found) a risk-to-reward ratio of 1: 1 (or better) is actually possible. You only have to win a little more than half your trades and you still want to make money. The catch is finding a system, strategy or signals that can do it.

3. Trade before, during or after a major news event

-The liquidity surrounding news events is very unstable. Although you can sometimes be lucky and make several hundred pips, more often than not you will find yourself on the wrong side of the trade, or worse yet, called the margin.

My tip: I learned NOT to trade 30 minutes before or after a news event … This is the safest way to protect your capital …

4. Trade this weekend

-Did you ever trade on a Friday and get stuck in a position this weekend? Then, on Sunday, when the market opened again, did you notice that trading was ominous, causing you big losses or, at worst, getting margin called? My tip: Don't trade on Friday!

My tip: If you are a day trader, be sure to close ALL positions before the market closes on Friday.

5. Listen to comment on daily broker

– One broker's biggest intention in giving advice is to push on their own positions. This may mean that they will act the opposite of the news they gave to take your liquidity; or maybe they just need more people to add to their own bias.

My tip: Don't get too excited about broker tips. Most will not help you. In fact, they can just hurt your chances of having a successful trade.

6. Dimming your emotions.

-To many dealers trade countless demo accounts and never really get the feeling of trading their own money. Then they make a lot of "play money" on their demo accounts. Then they try to trade their own money. They think the way they traded their demo will be the same success on their live accounts. Unfortunately, most dealers discount their feelings and end up acting completely differently than when they started trading their demo accounts.

My tip: Start with an amount of venture capital equal to only / only 10% of what your entire capital is. Never trade a demo for long. For example, if you have $ 10,000 in total venture capital, only invest $ 1,000 in your Forex trading account. Then they trade $ 1000 a little more aggressively because you don't want to worry too much (you still have $ 9000 to trade if you blow up your entire account).

This will help consolidate your emotions and make you a better trader faster than any ebook or coaching system. Understanding and managing your physical and mental emotions is key to your Forex Trading Success.

7. Using a significant investment on a Forex mentor

You do not have to spend thousands of dollars of initial investment on a Forex professional trainer or mentor, even if he or she is a professional, honest and does a full time online trading. I've been trading (for free) with Mike Swanson for just over a month now. I have found that there are cheaper and more profitable options available. I own Free4xLesson.com. I have a live trading room, weekly webinars on a variety of Forex topics, and I trade live accounts ranging from $ 1000- $ 10,000 almost every day of the week), and I've even had a chance to partner with some of the the other merchants who have come.

Just for fun, shoot me a message on Free4xLesson if you've ever made one (or more) of these 7 mistakes before …

3D Blockchain Application Platforms

3D blockchain application platforms are now available. These are projects developed using a cryptocurrency. The program is regulated by the use of various types of cryptocurrencies. When you have a small business, it is possible to come up with very interesting presentations to only manage projects in a more impressive and efficient way using such programs. This means you may be able to manage different business services or even a store better.

Why use 3D blockchain

The main reason this type of program is created is to make it easier for people who have no computer science knowledge. This then does not allow them to have to use compilation code which can be very demanding and tough. When you have an open secure 3D blockchain application platform, you can achieve so much more even with minimal knowledge.

Most of the projects aim to provide community assistance. The projects are intended to help different people who do not have sufficient financial resources. These are companies that are struggling a lot to compete with the key players in the field. The big companies are willing to send as much as they can in things like advertising and so on. This means they can reach a larger audience. For small businesses, they have limited resources and that means they are struggling to achieve any kind of growth they may want. Maintaining a field becomes difficult for smaller businesses. This is what 3D platforms were created for.

This is how they work

The 3D blockchain applications allow users to interact. They can communicate in a direct way. Users may be able to share different ideas they can shop, order take-outs and play games without having to take off virtual reality headsets. This is because all applications and games within the 3D platform are all compatible.

The platform offers a space where decentralized application creation is made possible. This is in relation to store management and services and they are unlimited. Every user has the freedom to choose a project that interests him. The 3D world allows them to communicate in an easy and direct way to share any ideas you may have without any hassle. It is possible to shop, play games and place different orders.

Benefits for business

3D blockchain helps business owners who are not tech savvy and those who do not know too much about computer science or even information technology. This makes it very effective to have the 3D platform that helps them reach a large population of their customers.

The main benefit to the company is the fact that they do not have to take too much time when writing projects. There are very few steps that can be followed to choose the right template for projects. You can publish and manage your business in no time at all.

These platforms have some advanced features including privacy, encrypted messenger, social networks and transaction blocks.